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Bee is brought to you by One Financial Holdings, a venture-backed laboratory for innovation in retail financial services.

We help create and market financial products that work for everyone, and we’re committed to passing the returns from innovation on to our customers. Today, we’re focused on low- and middle-income Americans but are striving to offer a product suite that will ultimately appeal to everyone.

Our mission.

Our mission is to bring low-cost, accessible financial services to all Americans that are:

  • Clear. Everyone should be able to spend their own money without unpredictable or burdensome fees.
  • Convenient. Everyone should have easy access to their finances, wherever and whenever they want.
  • Personal. Everyone deserves to have conversations about their finances with people who care and are competent.
  • Fair. We always act in our customers’ financial best interest.

High-cost, low-quality transactional services are an enormous cost to the lives of low- and middle-income families, and few other companies are aggressively trying to solve this problem.

We believe that mobile technology will reduce the financial and emotional cost of banking for our customers.

Meet the team.

Vinay Patel
CEO & Founder
Max Gasner
Head of Product & Founder
Alex Gasner
Advisor & Founder
Cap Petschulat
Julián Díaz
Matt Giles
Melissa Witt
Katie Mischaikow
Sophie Raseman

Join us.

A new kind of bank needs a new kind of talent.

We’re looking for motivated technical and non-technical staff who believe the way to make a difference is to build the world you want to see. If you’re interested in solving this and many other problems, we have offices in New York, NY and San Francisco, CA. Send us a note at