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You and your friend will each earn $10 after they add $50 or more to their Bee Account. Just make sure they use your referral code when opening their Bee Account.

If you lost your referral code, please call customer service at (866) 218–6688.


A Bee customer may receive an unlimited number of referral credits while the Bee Refer-A-Friend program is available. The Bee Refer-A-Friend program may be modified or canceled at any time. Some restrictions may apply.

No credits will be made if a referred Bee customer had previously opened a Bee Account at any time in the past. You will not receive a credit for adding funds from the Bee Vault, from account adjustments, or from fee reimbursements.

Allow 3 business days for credits to appear on each Bee Account.

If a Bee customer earns $600 or more in referral credits in a calendar year, Bee will mail the customer an IRS form 1099-MISC showing the total referral credits earned for such calendar year to the mailing address on file with Bee.

The customer acknowledges that by referring an individual through the Bee Refer-A-Friend program, the customer is releasing non-public information and authorizes Bee to use that information in the Bee Refer-A-Friend program.

If you believe there has been an error regarding your participation in the Bee Refer-A-Friend program, or you have not received a referral credit in error, please call customer service at (866) 218–6688.